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About Us
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We are located at 634 E. Newton  Eldon, Mo just a short distance from The Lake of the Ozarks.  I am Renate Brodecker, I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years.  I am a Massage Therapy Instructor/Mentor and I serve on the Mo. State Board of Therapeutic Massage.   I am dedicated to the field of massage, & have done extensive training in Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure and various other modalities.  It is my desire to share my knowledge and healing with others. 

Students, visit our Classes page for upcoming schedule.

We have a full range of Services to offer at Shea Ren Tae'  Center for Wellbeing.  Please visit our Services website at

Thai Massage
Encourages muscle flexibility thru the use of stretching, pressing and flowing of movement to release stagnation, toxins & blocked energy in the body.  It improves circulation, balance and range of motion.

Therapeutic Massage
This treatment is an assessment of pain and dysfunction of soft tissue using Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release. 

Swedish Relaxation
Designed to promote deep levels of relaxation & stress reduction.

Acupressure Therapy
Based on the 5 Element Acupuncture Treatment we use pressure on the points to relieve symptoms such as headaches, sinus pain, muscular problems, nausea, etc.

Spa Treatments
We have a wide range of spa treatments available as well Sea Salt Scrubs, Steam Treatments, Hot Tub, Sauna, Clay Treatments, & more.

1/2 Hour Treatments        $35.00
1 Hour Treatments           $60.00
1 1/2 Hour Treatments     $90.00
2 Hour Treatments           $110.00

Prices can vary on Spa Treatments based on products.

Thank you for stopping by. Please call and we will be able to answer all your questions and make your appointment.

I became interested in Thai Massage about 5 years ago.  I found it to be a valuable therapy in helping my chronic pain clients.  It also allows me to blend many of my other skills to create a truly healing experience.  My clients say that Thai Massage creates space in their body.  We always work to the clients flexibility level and comfort.  

As I gained skill in this treatment I wanted to teach and share this amazing technique with other therapists,  I began my teacher training in early 2007 and am continuing with that today.  I hope to be able to bring an awareness to other therapist that we do not have to injure our own bodies to be good therapist.  Thai teaches us to use our body in a way that enhances our experience of massage as well as the clients. 

Save your hands &
Learn Thai Massage

We have a beautiful 1850 square foot studio, with plenty of space to teach and practice on the 3rd floor of our Centre.

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