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Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals

Hours: 18.00
CEU Contact Hours: 16.00

Tuition: $375.00 (50 percent deposit required at registration)

(16 Hr. Certificate) A basic introduction to Thai Massage, this intensive 2 day training is suitable for new students, or practitioners seeking an alternative modality. At the end of the course, the student can perform a complete 1 hour Thai massage routine, including supine, side lying, prone and seated positions. The asanas that we teach in Level 1 are simply a reduced sequence -- they are not "beginner" in the sense that they are sophisticated and powerful techniques that the student will continue to master through practice. These are techniques that the therapist will use throughout their Thai massage career.

In Level 1, we introduce the theory of energetic anatomy and physiology, sen sip, wind gates, Thai asanas or therapeutic postures, acupoints and trigger points. We teach basic principles of western muscular anatomy, trigger point therapy and patterns of referred pain to provide the student with a much deeper diagnostic framework for client issues. In Level 1 the student learns the basic ideas behind Clinical Thai Bodywork, a powerful therapeutic system that is explored more fully in advanced courses.

We place a strong emphasis upon body mechanics and practicing bodywork in a sustainable way. Many western practitioners experience symptoms of occupational disability in hands, shoulders and arms due to reliance upon muscular strength and a failure to understand the power of working from the core. We use martial arts and yoga principles to teach the student how to move in an efficient, elegant and powerful way. With strong fundamentals, Thai bodywork can be not only safe but beneficial for the practitioner, and will provide a deeply satisfying career that lasts many decades.

This course provides the student with a 16-hour certificate upon successful completion, and is approved by NCBTMB for continuing education in massage.

IMG_0724IMG_0694IMG_0708         Upcoming Classes

Level 2    Saturday-Monday          9:00-6:00   
              March 10-12, 2012     special price $425.00                                     
Couples Thai Massage Class  March 24 & 25th (call for details)     

Level 2: Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals

Hours: 26.00
CEU Contact Hours: 24.00  Tuition:  $475.00

This course builds fundamentals of therapeutic Thai massage for a professional practice. The course covers theory, therapeutic applications, how to structure treatments, table applications, and much more. The student learns a 2-hour treatment sequence, as well as how to structure an effective 1-hour session appropriate to client needs. Prerequisite: Level 1. Upon successful completion and practical assessment, the student will receive a 24-hour certificate that is recognized by NCBTMB.

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